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  • James Dobson
    commented 2021-06-03 11:51:17 -0500
    Hi Troy, as I’m sure you know, bike lanes and cycling have taken up a lot of council’s time lately and I was wondering if you would be open to considering legalizing the Idaho stop in Saskatoon. The Idaho stop allows cyclists to treat stop signs as yield signs and red lights as stop signs. Since the practice was legalized in Idaho in the 1980’s studies have shown a 14.5% decrease in injuries to cyclists and a second study showed a 23% decrease (if you are interested I can provide the sources). This would also be a very low cost measure that would improve cycling in the city and would legalize normal cycling practices. I ride my bike about 3,000 km per year in Saskatoon and while in my experience things are improving there is a lot that could be done to make our roads safer. Feel free to get in touch if you would like to know more.
  • Jeanette Steinsvoll
    commented 2021-04-15 16:37:19 -0500
    Is there a place to be vaccinated on the west side of the city? I know there are at least two on the east side. There are many people who live on this side of the river who are in difficult financial situations and I’ve noticed that some of the inhabitants may not be originally be from Canada. Also, the elderly may find it difficult to travel across town to be vaccinated. Taking a cab would cost at least $25 which, for most of us, is more than our budget would allow. If there isn’t a place on the west side, perhaps there should be at least one.
  • Don Chornomitz
    commented 2021-03-03 17:36:52 -0600
    Huge water puddle, no water drainage every spring last 15 years in front of 1220 and 1223 catherwood,call in to roadways absolutely no respond just driving past waisting time and gas. Catherwood from 33rd to Richardson Rd. Pavement cracking,road,side walks cracking. Summer rains same situation no drainage, water sits kids splash in lake, may try cast fishing at times and already forms. Manhole covers raised grader plows hit hard when snow clearing. Will send video pic.
  • Rod Rosenfelt
    commented 2021-02-09 19:00:45 -0600
    Hi Troy,

    I am not sure if this idea has been broached but I have a thought regarding relocating the Lighthouse.

    I envision a city lead consortium purchasing the old Imperial 400 motel property. There would be plenty of accomodation space, a kitchen for meal availability and plenty of spots for the creation of medical and other necessary services on site.

    I expect it would be costly but I think it could become a very practical solution to an ongoing problem.

    Just a thought.
  • Ashley Labrecque
    commented 2020-11-26 11:57:37 -0600

    First off I want to thank you for all you’re hard work. I was wonder how to submit a formal complaint about the Saskatoon library being not only outsourced outside Saskatoon but Saskatchewan as a whole.

    I’m in full support of the new library. However, I think it’s unreasonable to be sending tax payers money outside the boarders of our city.

    What would help change this decision? A petition?
  • Angie Ginther
    commented 2020-11-17 12:34:37 -0600
    Hey Troy I’m sure you have been bugged nonstop Re snow removal Can you please check on Peterson cres. We have not been plowed at all and have 3 daycares, bus kids and group home residents having to walk to Junor avenue or 37 th. (Doesn’t help our wonderful neighbour made big snow mess on the street as he does yearly) but we have to drive 50 and turn hard to get into the driveway or ruts and constant pushing this week. Rest of westview was done yesterday. Can’t access our back lane garage either as the turn from junor alley to Peterson ally is soft and high.

    Thanks so much. When I called she told me yep don’t worry they are on our last community but I am worried because rest of westview is done.

    Thanks for all your hard work.