Honesty, Integrity, and Dedicated to Our Community!!


To the residents of Ward 4, I'm once again running to be your voice at City Council and I hope to have your support on October 26th, 2016. Over the past 4 years I have had over 8000 emails from residents in the Ward and over 4000 phone calls. I made it a priority to respond to each and everyone of them to ensure your voice was heard. In order to have a strong voice at City Council it takes Leadership, Experience, and Knowledge of what the job entails. On October 26th I need your vote so that I can continue to represent your voice at City Council.                                                    

As someone who has grown up in Saskatoon and lives in the neighbourhood, I will make sure that Ward 4 is represented by someone who has its best interests in mind. I will work hard to ensure that your children as well as my own daughter, Kenzie, can go outside and play in safe neighbourhoods. I will work in partnership with the City of Saskatoon to address the issues that we know we are facing in our neighbourhood.

If your willing to take a lawn sign to support my campaign please email tdaviesward4@gmail.com with your address.

Thank You For Your Support!!